R.I.P Quintessence (2008-2012)

As Ca_Nihil and I lost our Mediafire accounts, pretty much all links are offline. I admit it wasn't the smartest of the strategies, leaving all files on the same accounts, but it's not like we were going to absurd lengths just so we could provide music we didn't even know their owners wanted people to have. We've received a few DMCAs from some "big" bands (the one by Neurot Recordings broke my heart) and then one by Totenmond, which was the last straw for Mediafire. Seriously, Totenmond shooting DMCAs? I kinda laughed.

We heartily believe we were doing nothing wrong. Thanks to file sharing we were able to discover a multitude of bands we never would otherwise - and it never had a negative impact on the fact that we buy CDs and other material. I believe this holds true for most of us, music-sharers. Audio files do not provide the joy of having a CD case in hands, reading the booklet, all the graphical art. One does not substitute the other!

Well, about all those files, we won't be re-uploading them. We barely had time to upload new stuff! So, it's bye bye y'all. I hope we've been useful!


LeSaint said...

Salutation camarade,
Désolé pour ton compte mediafire, il m'est arrivé la même chose. J'espere que tu ne perdra pas espoire.

Peut être à bientôt sur un autre blog.

Désolé pour mon anglais.


LeSaint said...

Greeting fellow,
Sorry about your account mediafire, it happened to me the same thing. I hope you will not lose Espoire.

May be soon on another blog.

Sorry for my English.


Anonymous said...

This makes me really sad. I have never commented on this blog and it further saddens me that this is the post i finally chose to say something in.

But I must say it, thanks you guys. You have provided me and my friends with music we would never have heard of otherwise and given us much joy.

From uppsala, sweden, many many thanks.

Quintessence said...

We are grateful to know we made people happy with our blog! thank you all for supporting us!!!!!!!!!!!

pain and suffering said...

great blog. sucks to see it go. don't let the bastards win!